Doctor Locksmith TUCSON  is one of the most professional and trustworthy names when it comes to safes. While we are known to be a reputed locksmith little rock company, we also operate on safes.

We often carry a variety of safes for you to select. Our knowledgeable locksmiths will assist with the security needs while making sure the valuable assets inside the safe aren’t harmed. We even assist with specialty locks, fitment issues, and other locksmith services for providing high security for residential and commercial needs.

We are also one of the few 24 hour locksmith-based companies in TUCSON that can duplicate and program even the most modern automobile keys and keyless entry remotes. We are able to originate master keys for modern automobiles to prevent theft or loss. Also, we re key locks even with the most modern automotive technology for preventing unwanted entry.

Lock Installation

In most safes, the locks can fail or break and it is important for you to replace them quickly and correctly for protecting the safe. Anytime you are having problems with lock installation and your lock isn’t working as expected, do not hesitate in contacting us as we will immediately send someone to look at your situation. Our experts will take all the preventive measures to make sure the safe and the valuables inside aren’t damaged. The starting process would be similar to removing the knob or handle of the lock ad rekeying it. Except, here the rose and spindle will be removed from the safe’s door. The bolt will be replaced by unscrewing the bolt guard and removing the bolt. Once that is done, the holes will be adjusted depending on the difference the new and desired lock brings. The reassembly will be a cautious reversal of the disassembly process as we always pay special attention to the fitting of internal mechanisms. Once the new lock is installed, the owner of the safe will rest easy that the safe will now open and close as desired.

Lock Repair

Locks are integral to keeping the safes secure. It is essential for the safe to be equipped with a lock which keeps the valuables inside safe and secure. Homeowners should understand the significance of safes and how important they are to be maintained and repaired anytime the need arises. If you’re frequently using the safe’s locks, that lock will likely suffer wear and tear over time and ultimately lead to the need for lock repair. Our job as a trustworthy local locksmith company is to ensure our clients understand the importance of locks in safes and how we should be immediately notified if you notice any signs of wear. This is important because in most of the cases the lock malfunctions usually start off as minor incidents which would have been resolved. We always tell our clients to never ignore the signs of a degrading lock. This way, we can help them not just keep their belongings safe but also to prevent having to spend further money on getting the lock repaired or replaced.